The next generation of broad-spectrum probiotics for our second brain.

Intestinal Flora Balance

Why Megaflora 9 evo?

  • Has a long shelf life: 4 years
  • It is stored at room temperature.
  • High gastrointestinal survival (the bacteria exceeds the ACID pH of the stomach and alkaline pH of the small intestine).
  • Survival of the bacteria at the level of 90 per cent to the upper intestine, guaranteeing their activity.
  • Short time of hydration of bacteria: 1 minute
  • Broad spectrum of treatment and prevention of eating disorders

What are the characteristics of the matrix of Megaflora 9 evo?

  • Stability of the mixture to 4 years.
  • Conservation at room temperature.
  • Gastro resistance.
  • Acceleration in the activation of the bacteria.

Why is the amount of lactic acid important?

Because it maintains the pH of the gut and is used for the control of pathogenic flora.

What does the bacteria in stool prove?

The presence of an increase in bacteria in the stool after consuming Megaflora 9 evo demonstrates that it is produced a growth of the lactofermentative bacteria in the intestine.

Why Megaflora 9 evo has a low concentration of bacteria?

  • What is important is not the amount of bacteria that taken, but the amount and form in which they arrive alive to the intestine.
  • Example of a normal mix with the best survival results:
    • 1 g of probiotic 100,000,000,000 with a concentration of bacteria/g and a survival rate of 7% = 7,000,000,000 bacteria arrive at the intestine.
    • 1 g of Megaflora 9 evo with a concentration of 2,000,000,000 bacteria/g and a superior survival to 90% = more than 1,800,000,000 bacteria arrive alive to the intestine.

Why is it stored at room temperature (25ºC)?

Thanks to the matrix in which the probiotic strains are included.

Is It Safe?

The bacterial strains containing  Megaflora 9 evo possess the qualification of QPS (Qualified Presumption of Safety).

Can children take it?

Yes, older than one year.

Can pregnant women take it?

Yes, with a doctor’s approval.

Where do probiotics act?

In the intestine, at three levels:

  1. Interaction probiotics-microorganisms
  2. Interaction probiotics-intestinal mucosa
  3. Interaction probiotics-immune system

Why is it important the fact that Megaflora 9 evo bacteria are bound to a matrix?

The matrix acts as a growth substrate for the bacteria and provides all the features already described above.

Are Megaflora 9 evo bacteria alive, dead, microencapsulated?

They are alive in a state of latency, activated and revived by contact with a liquid or yogurt.

Why is it important to have an intestinal mucosa in good conditions?

Our intestine is known as the second brain because the processes of absorption and control of substances that carries out influence decisively in the person’s health.

Can you mix Megaflora 9 evo with other ingredients?

Yes, but you should consulted it, as some ingredients may have an antibiotic action, such as copper.

Does it have any allergen to declare?

Megaflora 9 evo does not contain any allergen.

Can Megaflora 9 evo be encapsulated?

Yes, it can be encapsulated, but it is not recommended to compressed it, unless it is used a recovering that guarantees the viability of the bacteria.

Can this combination be used to ferment food?

Megaflora 9 evo contains alive, active and dairy fermentative bacteria, so it could be used in the production of yogurt.

What is the recommended dose?

Given the concentration of 2,000,000,000 million of bacteria/g, it is recommended a dose of 1 g of Megaflora 9 evo for the maintenance and 2 g in the case of treatment.

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