Increased metabolic activity

Increased metabolic activity

After passing through the GI tract, the probiotic bacteria reach the small intestine, where they have to be effective at the right time and in the right place.

Metabolic or biological activity is one of the most important parameters that determines the quality of a probiotic based product. In fact, it is even more important than the amount of bacteria in the product since, from a metabolic point of view, it is useless to have a very high number of bacteria in the intestine if they are not viable.

The lactic acid production can be used as an indicator of the activity of the product since is a specific feature of probiotic activity and one of the actions that promotes health. It can be state without no doubt that the greater the production of lactic acid, the higher metabolic activity of bacteria or mixture is. Hence, measuring the production of lactic acid is considered a good method for determining activity of the probiotic strains.

The lactic acid production must be measured over time and always after a simulation of passage through the gastrointestinal tract.

When comparing the average production of lactic acid of Megaflora 9 evo with two other similar prebiotic and probiotic mixtures in concentration and gastroresistance, Megaflora 9 evo showed that after 4 hours the producing lactic acid activity was far superior.

Activity producing lactic acid of Megaflora 9 evo compared with other similar marketed probiotic mixtures with the same capacity of gastroresistance.

This result establishes that Megaflora 9 evo contains living, viable and active bacteria after GI passage.

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