The advantages of a specific technology

The advantages of a specific technology

Fruit of an innovative research supporting probiotic properties; SOLCHEM NATURE S.L. presents a specific matrix that includes prebiotic ingredients, minerals and enzymes.

The balance of these ingredients in the matrix has been widely studied and the amounts of each ingredient carefully adjusted to suit the needs of the 9 bacterial strains of Megaflora 9 evo. The result is a highly active multispecies probiotics.

Specific prebiotic ingredients for bacterial strains

Prebiotics are food components, primarily carbohydrates and fibre that selectively promotes growth and/or activity of bacteria in the large intestine. Research has shown that each probiotic strain has a specific preference for one type of prebiotic, as shown for example for L. acidophilus.

Growth of different strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus in different prebiotics substrates.
Abbreviations: Polydex (Polydextrose), GOS (Galacto-oligosaccharides), scFOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides short chain)

Vegetable protein

The specific selected ingredients that are part of the matrix makes bacteria of Megaflora 9 evo resistant to the gastric juice action and helps bacteria to reach the intestine in an active state. In this state, bacteria are able to produce lactic acid, short-chain fatty acids and other metabolites.

The matrix provides the nutritional support that bacteria needs to colonize and multiply themselves in the gut, resulting in an even more effective probiotic product.

Among the different ingredients, the presence of a vegetable protein as a prebiotic ingredient in the matrix produces a positive effect on the metabolic activity of the bacteria, mainly in the production of lactic acid.

Lactic acid producing activity favoured by the matrix.

Furthermore, the presence of the vegetable protein facilitates and shortens the rehydration of the product. Ussually, the rehydration of probiotics can take up to 10 minutes, whereas the presence of this vegetable protein shortens it to 1 minute.

In practice, this means that the probiotic formulation may be consumed almost immediately after adding water. The vegetable protein reduces the rehydration time at the same time that shows the highest production of lactic acid.

Impact of the incorporation of the vegetable protein in prebiotic and mineral matrix when rehydrating Megaflora 9 evo.

In summary, the specific technology used in Megaflora 9 evo production includes a special matrix that protects and nourishes the bacteria. These ingredients specifically selected and tested have shown that:

  • Increase the product shelf life.
  • Increase the gastrointestinal bacteria survival.
  • Increase the metabolic activity of lactic acid producing bacteria in the gut.

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