The new generation of broad spectrum probiotics

A mixture based in an improved prebiotic matrix that contains ingredients specifically selected for their efficacy.


It is based on the concept of multi-strain and multi-species.


It has a 4 year stability at room temperature (25° C).

Barrier effect

It is able to maintain the barrier effect protecting the intestinal epithelium against damage from external agents.

High survival

Megaflora 9 evo has a high survival in the gastrointestinal tract.

High metabolic activity

It has a high metabolic activity of lactic acid production.

Inhibit pathogenic flora

It is able to inhibit the growth of pathogenic flora (Clostridium, Candida, E. coli, S. aureus, Salmonella, etc.).

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Main Properties

Action at Level 3: immunomodulation

The immune system consists of several interdependent cells that collectively protect the body against the aggression of pathogenic microorganis

Action at Level 2: influence on the epithelial barrier function

Maintaining intestinal homeostasis requires that the epithelium, a layer of cells lining the intestinal wall, keeps formeing an uninterrupted b

Action at Level 1: Inhibition of pathogenic

The capacity to inhibit a pathogen, either from a bacteria or a substance with antibiotic properties, is usually determined in vitro in a growt


The next generation of broad-spectrum probiotics for our second brain. Intestinal Flora Balance Why Megaflora 9 evo? Has a long shelf lif